Several series of animated videos or videos themselves will be gradually displayed showing how traditional toys designed by the customer or end-user can become customised through design, how the experience in “Design your play” model could be, how we foresee the future with the iBUS business model deployed, etc. Enjoy it and keep updated on the novelties through social media or similar!


End-users experience using the Dooventure platform for toys customisation

Case study reflecting how end-users can customise their toys articles with the Dooventure platform


iBUS Rapid Tooling Demonstrator

iBUS (Dooventure) ShopFront

How the user interacts with the Dooventure platform and its product portfolio.


iBUS Additive Manufacturing Case study

The personalisation of toys through 3D printing technologies is a reality through the H2020 funded project iBUS

iBUS 2D printing Case study

This video shows the case study of the 2D stickers to customise a Ride On with the iBUS platform (Dooventure)


An actual case: Mrs. Martínez Radio Interview

This is a real case that happened to one of H2020 iBUS project working mums. She was having a radio interview and her child was with her. He was carefully listening. When the radio interview finished, he was really excited with the idea of designing his owns toys. The H2020 iBUS consortium is working hard on it.


iBUS Product Purchase Journey

This video shows you the shopping experience of acquiring a safe toy changing parametric features such as shape and colour. Once you are happy with the design with a click you will add the product to your basket. Checkout the purchase and finish the process to end the purchase.