UPB at the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 2016


The Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium was held in Austin, TX during August, 2016. According to the organisation, it is the “major high-level research conference dealing with all aspects of Additive Manufacturing” and includes over 400 publications and 544 attendees. Especially the high relevance and quality of many papers due to a double review process mark this conference as one of the biggest conferences with scientific impact in the additive manufacturing area.

The consortium partner Paderborn University (UPB) participated in this event with two reviewed publications related to iBUS titled “Product Optimisation with and for Additive Manufacturing” and “Production-integrated Markings for Traceability of AM Parts in the Context of Industry 4.0”. The publication for product optimisation mainly deals with a structured review of AM-potentials. All along the document, the iBUS project is mentioned in several occasions as an example of 3D design tools that allow the customer co-design their own toys, parts or products. It specifically remarks the WP3 which will develop a Design Virtual Environment for Customised Products. All this with the main aim of an effective deployment of mass customisation within the toy industry and conversely for an optimisation potential for products offered by AM.

The aim of the iBUS design virtual environment, is to allow home-based and consumer designers to be able to customise their own toys, to totally meet their needs, by using an easy-to-use platform. They will be able to select among minor, parametric and freeform customisation, according to their wishes and requirements. Safety of toys, materials and manufacturing limitations will be considered within the global platform for the supply of these customised parts. So, consumers or home-base designers’ zero concerns on these issues. Customers will be able to know the price on the spot, track the state of their product, pay with a secure system, have a prompt assessment on the shape and costs and achieve their customised products which has been manufactured considering sustainable and environmental criteria.

Individualised Chess-men developed by UPB within the iBUS scope project