Toys for customisation through the iBUS platform have been assessed at the 2nd General Assembly


The iBUS project consortium held a meeting in September ’16 at AIJU, Ibi. This city is in the Spain’s “Valley of Toys” region.

IBUS will generate a platform to create customised toys. Safety implications of the design module requires to know the toys to customise for parametrisation. All that was determined in the iBUS project meeting held in Ibi in September.

Key aspect of the meeting covered the safety implications within the design module. Its requirements need to be parametrised to enable the automatic customisation of safe toy products. The products to customise were assessed in order to know the level of customisation they can achieve. The aim is to deploy as much safety parameters as possible.

The University of Paderborn and the University of Limerick made customised samples through Additive manufacturing technologies. They will allow to evaluate the potential requirements home-based and professional designers will need when dealing with the design module. This module, which is being developed, will be simple, accessible and intuitive.


img_5946 img_5972 img_5971    img_5983

Figure 1 a) A snapshot of the presentation, b) demonstration of the outlined design tool, c) personalised pieces made by UPB/UL with AM technologies, d) personalised pin made by AIJU with the toecap Stratasys J750.