The future of product development in the children industry to debate


Imagine that you want to provide to your customers the possibility to personalise their products, to know which are the current trends of the children market and the way in which the innovative technologies permit it. This is what was displayed in an event organised by AIJU last November, 29th, 2019.

The event was organised in three blocks; i) children market trends and its application in the strategic design of product and communication. ii) Immersive technologies, 3D digitalisation applications and additive manufacturing technologies suitable for the manufacturing of bespoke products. iii) The way in which the users’ opinion can be implemented in the development of new products and emergent business models. In this third block the iBUS was broadly displayed and presented.

The event closed with a visit to AIJU’s facilities and individualised interviews between the, enterprises and AIJU’s technicians what allowed to support to the organisations in the sustainable boosting of its business model to get adapted to the changing environment of the industry.