The Dooventure platform allow the toy manufacturers to be diversified, to expand and increase their sales


Manufacturers invest a lot of time and money in the development of a new product. Sometimes, the product delays in the market. Additionally, the reach of market and customers is limited. As a consequence, the way we manufacture requires a change of paradigm. The toy world is not different. Our challenge consists on being ready for the new changes.

Last July 20th, the partner Juguettos held a workshop in the facilities of its Commercial centre Gran Via Alicante. The workshop was addressed to children, which new the toy history, its evolution from our grandparents, that made themselves their own toys, going through the mass production and until current situation, with personalisation trends and short production runs. In the workshop, it was shown how Dooventure platform (as a result of the iBUS project) allow the children to design their own toys.

In the event, some manufacturers would observe how the children interact with the toys, what do they like (colours, shapes, toy typology…) and the way in which the customisation of one’s own product become a play.

This generated big interest among the manufacturers, which knew first hand that they can enrol in the platform through the iBUS supply chain, which allow them to diversify, expand and sell more.

This workshop was replicated in AIJU’s facilities few days later, in which the results obtained in Juguettos workshop were validated.