“Plastics are Future” bets for Toys personalisation


The iBUS project participated in the second edition of the International Seminar PLASTICS ARE FUTURE, organised by AIMPLAS in Paterna (Valencia) on 24th – 25th April. 130 professionals from different countries attended the event with the aim to generate new market strategies in the medium and long term and generate the appropriate conditions that inspire the creation of new starts-up and small companies of technological basis.

All the presentations were centred around four main axes: energy, health, advanced processes and bioplastics. Successful cases in research that are in an incipient phase of commercialization or industrialization were displayed. It was divided into two blocks, products innovation and processes innovation.

Within this scope, AIJU presented the work “Influence of the parameters of the process of different techniques of additive manufacturing in the mechanical properties of parts manufactured for safety validation”, framed within the European project H2020 iBUS. The objective of this study was to determine the influence of several Additive Manufacturing (AM) processing parameters on the mechanical properties of the parts manufactured with different materials, obtaining data for the simulation and subsequent validation of the safety of toy parts. The study has also been useful in making the comparative evaluation of parts manufactured by AM and conventional injected parts. The iBUS partners MCOR, AIJU and University of Paderborn carried out the manufacturing of the tested samples by varying the different process parameters. The AM technologies used were 3D Objet Polyjet, Laser Sintering (LS), FDM and SLD technology. Another focus point within the iBUS project related to polymers is the chemical assessment of AM materials in order to determine if they are appropriate and safe for the toys manufacturing.