Overview for Shoppers

With iBUS design platform, toy products will be customised and designed online by consumers or home‐based designers. This new iBUS model will turn consumers into designers, allowing them to devise, model, customize and place orders online for their own products in the iBUS cloud. This will allow the consumers (parents and end-users) to automatically and easily create a customised product that fits a vast variety of needs and tastes. Additionally, these products with high added value will provide children with series of emotional, social and functional benefits.

The values shoppers can obtain from the iBUS platform are:

  • To increase creativity through the self-design process, only limited by imagination
  • To become pioneers in the achievement of a ground breaking product with high unique qualities
  • Having this high co-design value either, on an existing template or on an entirely new one, the design integrates the way consumers use and expect to use a product, thus influencing the market
  • Highly experiential process, providing self-satisfaction and pleasure as well as a playful funny time
  • Value for money, as the iBUS Business Model also considers cost and environmental factors
  • It can be used by children of all age ranges, with or without the help of their parents, tutors, familiars and friends
  • The design platform will be very intuitive and user-friendly, compromising little effort from the home based designer who also receives a valuable learning opportunity, especially for young customers that can expand the development of their on‐line interactive capabilities
  • It has a familiar/social value, as it can be used for a group of people that takes co-designing a step further .
  • Safe, as safety issues are included

In the design process, shoppers will have instant account of the cost and will be able to securely pay. In the manufacturing process they will have visibility of their orders through all stages of production and delivery. They will also have a shop window of the fanciest products, will have the chance to make a “wish list” and will be rewarded when encouraging other potential customers to engage in the iBUS community.

Summing up, with the iBUS platform consumers will easily design their children’s customised unique safe toys while enjoying the process and having fun , achieving a luxury piece at an affordable price while end-users (children) will have a playful experience through the process of designing their own toy.