Overview for Designers

In iBUS, designers, fan-artists and home-based designers can reach out to the manufacturer, assisting them with new design templates and working with known branded products, thus leveraging the brand’s popularity. They will be able to experiment online with 3D tools and to print the product in‐store as well as using the information on Market Opportunity module to prioritise their design templates for new products. They will easily create a ‘Shop Front’ on the iBUS eCommerce platform. IPs and value sharing methodologies will be considered.

Designers can customise existing designs (parametric design principles) or test the concept of new designs. Home‐based designers are added to the network and local designers can develop the product concept, assisted by augmented reality, which is then built in small scale with 3D printing equipment in the store.

From this perspective, designers will enhance their business through a user-friendly platform that will allow them to customise toys considering all the set criteria (shapes, safety, materials and processes).

The main values they will find in iBUS are:

  • They do not need to learn another system, as simplicity/ easiness of use is one of the design platform’s premises
  • The level of customisation is adaptable to everyone’s requirements: minor, parametric or freeform
  • The record given by the platform will allow them to create and sell designs that exactly meets the consumers’ requirements
  • Safety issues will be considered within the parametric designs
  • Much of the premises such as manufacturing or safety limitations will be automatically deployed in the design platform

Networks between designers aka ‘makers’ will also be set up in the iBUS project. As a contemporary culture, the maker one is predominantly technology-based. It stresses new and unique applications of technologies, and encourages invention and prototyping. Therefore, this collaboration is strongly enhanced and is focused on using and learning practical skills and applying them creatively. Contact us and subscribe to our SIG contact list if interested.

Accordingly, iBUS will allow home-based designers to easily customise their aimed toy products with no concerns over the materials, the process and/or their safety and to get acquainted with the ‘maker’ culture.