iBUS in the worldwide leading show for 3D printing


In February 24th – 25th 2016 the “Inside 3D printing” show took place at the Metav fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Inside 3D printing show is the leading show for 3D printing taking place all over the world in China, Japan, US, Korea, India as well as Germany. This year’s show was coupled to the “Metav” an international fair for metalworking technologies including 3D printing. The iBUS project participated with two presentations on different topics but strongly related to the iBUS idea.

This conference brought together research and industry from manufacturing and AM industry including many well-known experts from all over the world to discuss the current state of the art in Additive Manufacturing and its future perspectives.

Paderborn University with its Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) covered several talks on a broad range of more technical and more business related topics. In “Product Optimization for and with Additive Manufacturing” several potentials of Additive Manufacturing where shown including the possibilities of creating new business models based on the easy individualisation of toys and jewellery, covering the iBUS business model. On the other hand “Production Integrated Marking for Traceability of AM parts” raised the awareness for marking products in terms of quality management and product piracy prevention. These are two important points in terms of mass customization and the purchase and delivery of production data to a broad range of manufacturers, potentially even including home production.

Both talks belong to the most participated talks of the conference with three parallel sessions. Each of them was attended by about 150 people, representing roughly a half of the overall attendees. Both presentations included the advice to take part in the iBUS development by joining the iBUS special interest group and following the iBUS homepage for further information.


Figure 1: Presentation “Product optimization for and with Additive Manufacturing”, with slide advising to take part in iBUS special interest group for customization of parts


Figure 2: Presentation “Production Integrated Marking for Traceability of AM parts”