iBUS relevant role in the AM-Motion


Last November, 15th, it was held the event organised by the AM-Motion H2020 CSA project. Its aim was to determine a “strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities”.

The iBUS project had a relevant role displaying a related presentation. Its objective was to illustrate the way in which the iBUS project contributes to promoting the benefits of European Strategic Actions for AM manufacturing, stimulate synergies within all AM stakeholders to maximise mutual benefits, map the collaboration among all and determine the impact the iBUS exploitable outputs could provide to the current AM European Roadmap.

Within the event structure, the organisers provide the appropriate tools to put in common the way each AM European project can contribute to address the bottlenecks of these technologies to be fully deployed in the industry scope. A very interesting roadmap will be furtherly issued with all the contributions.

The event ended with a large B2B networking event in which the assistants could show expressions of interest for interactions and potential joint exploitation of the projects expected outputs. The iBUS project received four expressions of interest related to the iBUS Supply Chain and the iBUS business model.

This event showed how European AM manufacturing is taking-off within the industry and will become an important factor to increase the added value of the organisations that aim to be on the state-of-the-art of the manufacturing system. Therefore, they need to steadily deploying AM within it process for the production of customised products. This is what the iBUS project provides to the toys & games manufacturers through their potential participation within its supply chain.