iBUS presents at 3D-ADDIT3D conference in intelligent manufacturing


The 29th edition of BIEMH – International Machine-Tool Exhibition conference took place in Bilbao from 30th May to 4th June 2016. It is Europe’s third biggest trade-show in intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing 4.0 fields. It features all the latest developments in machinery, tools, components and accessories, automation, metrology, quality control, etc.

Jointly to it, the first Spanish professional trade show focusing on additive and 3D -ADDIT3D was held. It could be participated by 1.200 professionals from the different activities convened. The show combines a conference for analysis and knowledge transfer with the exhibition and product presentation area.

AIJU presented the iBUS project where its main objectives were shown, as well as the methodology to follow in order to create a platform for the customisation of product, custom driven and having into consideration all the safety aspects related to children products.

iBUS project presentation in 3D-ADDIT3D

iBUS project presentation in 3D-ADDIT3D