The exploitation of the results of iBUS Project is compatible with the current business models


Last 21st and 22nd of February 2017 the 3rd General Assembly of iBUS project was held in Brussels. On its second day, we were pleased to welcome the monitor of the Commission.

In this meeting, the first demos for the customisation of demand-driven toys as well as some interesting technical issues were displayed.

In addition to the technical work, the SMEs involved provided the consortium with their particular vision on the exploitation of the iBUS business model which aims to include all the supply chain involved. According to their vision, this digital model could be compatible with their current physical models.

Therefore, being part of the iBUS supply chain, toys manufacturers will be able to deploy a parallel manufacturing model to its current one, while retailers will be able to lead the innovation of the sector providing high perceived quality and emotional and social values to their toys.

The iBUS project foresees to increase its value chain for the manufacturing of the products design throughout the platform. Thus, if your organisation is interested in it, do not hesitate to tell us.