iBUS presented at the 1st Technical event in 3D printing materials


Last March 8th, the 1st Technical event on 3D printing materials organised by CEP, the Plastic Spanish Centre, took place.

3D printing materials have become socially important with the expansion of 3D technologies. Current communities rely on a short range of conventional materials with low technical information. They also require some additional improvements on their own materials, on recycling feedstock and services, and finally they also need to adapt them to new emerging AM technologies. Moreover, further economical feasibility materials are required. All this should be underpinned by non-technological cross-cutting actions in Training & Education and Standardisation that enhance the knowledge and trust in these technologies.

The CEP PRINT3D event aimed to deepen in the knowledge of these materials, and it has become the first technical event exclusively devoted to thermoplastics, thermosets and metallic 3D printing materials, the great unknown of 3D industry.

Within this scope, the iBUS project was presented in the block related to the most recent applications carried out with innovative materials. AIJU also presented other materials the RTD develops in other projects on antimicrobial, thermochromics and luminescent materials for FDM, as well as projects on prototype moulds aiming short production runs.

Figure 1 Snapshots of the presentation