‘Design your play’ business model is being modelled within the iBUS consortium!


Last September 20th and 21st the iBUS general assembly were held at Paderborn University. The previous day, the workshop Innovation in the Toy Industry was also held.

Beyond putting onto the table the current state-of-the-art of technical developments, the iBUS consortium is modelling the “Design your play” business model. This is an important matter for the platform further commercialisation.

The meeting was totally useful. From the three options of customisation (basic, parametric and freeform) the last one is intended for the elder children which will become designers with the iBUS platform. This will be an intuitive, easy tool to use. However, toys safety requirements become more difficult as the level of customisation increases. Additionally, simulation techniques will support the iBUS supply chain for the production of customer-designed toys products.

According to the manufacturing partners, this platform will allow the parents to achieve exceptional toys for their unique children. Instead the retailer partner states that the customers will achieve exactly what they want, closing the actual gap the products nowadays have between expectations and the product they achieved.

On regard technical developments, there is short time left to get the first demonstrators, which will be published soon. At this website, Mycards demonstrator has been included. This is made on 2D products, although this will be used for the production of 3D printed toys parts within the iBUS supply chain.