Demonstration of the use of Additive Manufacturing Technologies for customisation of Toy production


Researchers need to share and discuss on the last scientific research and cutting-edge contribution related to their field of application. That was the aim of the Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference held last June, 19th to 21st, 2019.

Current trends show that consumers are becoming designers of their own products. Platforms (such as the Dooventure one, as a result of the iBUS project) that facilitate design tools, 3D printing services or friendly interfaces will allow the growth of a new market for customisation of consumer goods, like toys.

Within the iBUS project execution, the definition of processing parameters for various AM techniques and post-processing procedures for toy application were defined. This was the subject of discussion that the project brought to MESIC 2019 through a poster titled: “INFLUENCE OF PROCESS PARAMETERS OF DIFFERENT ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES ON MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF MANUFACTURED TOY HORSE and SAFETY VALIDATION”.