Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the retail sector


The sector of plastics and moulds faces a series of challenges that can approach implementing in its organisations the most advanced technologies and innovative materials. Consequently, very open mind and innovative business strategies need to be addressed. This was the aim of the presentation displayed by the iBUS partner Juguettos in an event, organised by the SAMT SUDOE project titled “Innovative technologies and advanced materials in moulds and plastics”, which was held on June, 271th.

In the presentation, Juguettos explained the leitmotiv of the project personalisation at the retailers (Trends, emotional values, abilities versus needs, create an atmosphere in the shop, experiential and innovative capabilities improvement). After explaining the iBUS project, the presenter explained the role of the AM technologies in the toys personalisation and the way they can be implemented in the sector (at the retailer’ through user friendly AM technologies, through the manufacturers and rapid tooling technologies or using services bureaus and AM technologies). The presentation ended displaying the bottlenecks that current technologies could constrain their fully implementation.