How 3D printing will affect the toy industry? The rise of the design makers.


On May 24th -26th 2016,  project partner  LeFabshop participated in InnoRob, the only event in Europe 100% dedicated to robotics and disruptive innovations. It was held in parallel to the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo. It is the largest professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing event worldwide. Jointly, these events were participated by more than 200 exhibitors from 35 different countries and 10.000 attendees, all them Industry experts and demonstrators of the latest 3D printers and services.

Samuel Bernier, industrial designer and creative director of the partner LeFabShop, provided a conference on 25th May on “How 3D printing will affect the toy industry”. He is the creator of internet’s most beloved 3D models. Within its presentation, he highlighted how the iBUS project aim to revive the European toy industry by using new technologies of mass customisation.

Later on, on 16th June, he also participated in “Made Again Conference; a journey towards a more circular economy through digital and distributed production”. It is a series of short talks and big ideas, around design, digital fabrication, new materials, open source, distributed production, circular economy and more.

Samuel spoke on the actual rise of design makers. Although 3D printing is an old technology (more than 30 years old) it has never been as popular as today. It has been previously called rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing and now 3D printing has reach the consumers and is being implemented at schools, transforming lot of things, including the enrolment of milliards of young creators.