How we plan your experience to be with iBUS


I am always wondering the way in which I could have better experiences with my nieces (not having children of my own) while showing them new things they could apply in their lives. They are so important for me! I would have never thought it could be possible! The feeling towards ones own children must be incredible!

When I am looking for a toy for them, I will play with it myself to try understand how it can boost my nieces learning and confidence. Nevertheless, I have some trouble with it, as my current way of life does not allow me to invest much time on it. Thus, I consult my colleagues from the pedagogy department within my organisation (AIJU).

When I first heard about the iBUS project, I thought it would be very difficult to engage parents. In which way they will be able to invest time with their children to design their own customised toys? Well, may be during the weekend… But yes, there are other adult people that effectively invest time with children: aunts and uncles. When I am with my nieces, I am fully available to play with them. This article is not only for aunts and uncles, but also parents aiming to have special moments in life with their children while having a real-time shopper experience. These are the kind of memories future adults will keep and will become part of their emotional base.

iBUS will allow parents and toddlers to easily and intuitively design a customised toy, according to their needs and requirements, that totally fit the tastes of children. This will be automatically and safely manufactured, with additive manufacturing or 3D printing technologies but also hybrid technologies, with the minimal environment burden and directly forwarded to your home. This will become a piece to play, but also a collectible item for the future that will allow current children to remember their childhood. In short, it will become an experience for life!

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Merry Christmas and a happy iBUS new year!

iBUS Christmas 2016