Overview for Makers

iBUS will enable toy and board games/ cards manufacturers to selectively exploit disruptive technologies such as (i) the internet (digital information) and (ii) additive manufacturing (3D printing) to locally fulfil the demand for safe customisable products. Being part of the iBUS supply chain, manufacturers will then produce the toys and furniture in small scale series production driven by the actual customer demand.

This concept provides the manufacturers a significant opportunity to increase their direct sales through internet and social media channels, particularly on low volume customised products manufactured by Additive Manufacturing (AM) and traditional manufacturing process. It can boost the return of delocalised manufacturing of traditional toys to Europe, which are already starting to bring back manufacturing to EU.

The iBUS module will enable manufacturers and suppliers to be more flexible and demand driven, growing both their B2B and direct B2C business. It will also link individual “home‐based” designers and manufacturers to the supply‐chain. This is achieved by having a portfolio of local and agile SMES manufacturers and retailers integrated into a rapid response supply chain where raw materials are stocked at a low level of added value rather than in a finished goods form. This is in contrast with current system where waste is mismatch between the original manufacturers forecast and the actual market demand, which leads to excess inventory where customers demand is unmet.

Makers and ‘fan-art’ can be included in here as contemporary design cultures that are predominantly technology‐based. Networks between designers aka ‘makers’ will also be set up in iBUS. Consequently, this collaboration strongly surges and is focused on using and learning practical skills and applying them creatively.

Hence, suppliers included within the iBUS supply chain will enhance their local and regional value, abroad its geographic scope and be part of a transparent business model while being up-dated on innovations and safety issues concerned to the materials in the toy sector. Fittingly, the added value the system provides them are:

  • Add an ethical small business model to the current one, keeping commercial equity and in terms of full transparency
  • To acquire update knowledge on the customers’ segments and their tastes, having further opportunity to provide pioneering ground breaking products with edgeless innovation
  • Support and be supported by regional/ local value
  • To be integrated within an ongoing, flexible business, totally transferable with minimal administrative burden
  • Automatic supplier rationalisation.

Suitably, collaboration with the iBUS supply chain will boost your business and create local/regional value to it. So we urge you to contact us to become part of our supply chain (SIG) or getting subscribed to our mailing list, at the bottom of our home page.