iBUS in the largest networking conference in new industrial technologies


The Industrial Technologies conference took place in Amsterdam on 22-24 June 2016. It is the largest networking conference in the field of new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitalisation in Europe. The iBUS project actively participated in the conference with both a Presentation to open to all attendees and a Poster.

This conference brought together research, industry, education, finance and polity from manufacturing and process industry and technology domains from all over Europe to identify priorities that are crucial to strengthen the European industrial innovation ecosystem.

The Project Coordinators and Dissemination Manager of the iBUS project were actively involved in both, the presentation of the poster of the project and a speech related to Track 3 in the event schedule, “Creating Impact”.

Apart from presenting the iBUS business model with a practical use case, which was the climax of the sessions presentations, the speakers talked about the barriers that are hindering the scaling-up of additive manufacturing technologies within the toy industry. Also made clear was the need for new related business models such as that developed for iBUS with the premise at its core of a win-for-all stakeholders’ model. The presentation, which was attended by more than 100 people, showed the way in which iBUS project can provide affordable customised safe products, create regional value within the EU while enhancing the creativity of children of all ages and their parents.

The iBUS poster was posted at the entrance of the event, which was attended by over 1000 participants from 42 countries, more than 25% were women, distributed according to Figure 3.

Industrial Technologies_participants profileFigure 1 Profile of the participants within Industrial Technologies 2016 event

Project coordinator and project manager alongside the iBUS poster displayedFigure 2 Project coordinator and project manager alongside the iBUS poster displayed.

iBUS presentation_Industrial Technologies 2016_GeneralFigure 3 Moment of the presentation by the dissemination manager and the project coordinator.