iBUS Formal Project Launch in “Maker Faire”, Paris


The Maker Faire took place in Saint Malo on 9-10 April 2016. It is at the same time a feast of the science, a popular fair and the event of reference of the innovation all around the world. This innovative concept matches up demonstration stands, discovery workshops, shows and conferences around creativity, manufacturing, Do It Yourself culture and makers issues. This event joints techies, craftsmen, industrials, amateurs, engineers, science-clubs, artists, students and start-ups. Jointly, they conform a community of makers and attend for showing their creations and share they knowledge. The visitors assist to Maker Faire to foresee the future and find the inspiration to become themselves Makers. This fair was visited by 65 000 visitors in two days.

The iBUS project, through the partner LeFabShop, took this opportunity to launch in France the iBUS project. Target were kids of all ages and their parents, which got a deep interest and learned all about iBUS. iBUS system will be able to provide them with a platform to experience the design of affordable customised safe toys. Being so, this is a real people centric concept, it is to say, a demand driven model in which the supply chain is organised in a win-for-all model to create regional value within the EU.

Also good contacts were made.

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