iBUS displayed at the 3rd National Manufacturing & Supply chain Conference in Ireland


On January, 26th, the 3rd National Manufacturing & Supply Chain was held in Dublin. This event aims to “maintain Ireland as a high value, sustainable and competitive manufacturing location”.  It holds the “largest ever gathering of manufacturing community in Ireland” and provide a forum for all the supply chain to discuss challenges the Irish industry faces. It displays and support innovative approaches and technologies that support organisational and process improvements while providing new business opportunities.  With 90 speakers, 120 exhibitors and 2000 people visiting the event, it has become one of the must-go Irish event.

Within this environment, the coordinator of this project, PhD Con Sheahan, gave a presentation on “the activities needed to contribute revenue by matching the demand with the effective supply of products, methods, resources and materials”. As a European and organisational flagship project, the presentation was based on iBUS conception and methodology.

At the end of the presentation the attendants showed great interest for the project and the wider application of the iBUS business model. While there are great hopes for additive manufacturing as a technology, many are still sceptical as to the exploitation of the technology through new business models. There was also a lot of interest in the concept of ‘equitable value sharing’ across the supply chain, particularly from manufacturers of consumer products to retailers such as food and clothing.