Demonstrators of the iBUS project will be built in an iterative way. Therefore, the level of difficulty will gradually increase. This site display the demonstrators that are progressively issued within the project execution. Throough these links, you can interact with them and provide the consortium the feedback that will drive to the iBUS final platform development.


Personalised Puzzles

Educa Borrás offers you the possibility of saving your memories and gift a personalised puzzle. ATTENTION! You are entering directly the website. If you go all throughout the process, you will acquire a customised game.


 My Cards

My Cards demonstrator will lead you through the process of customisation of a Game type with your images and pictures. The code inserted prevents from carrying out the final purchase.


iBUS Product Purchase Journey

The iBUS product purchase journey shows the way in which the basic customisation module will allow the customer to customise the designs to suit his/her needs and style, while seeing real-time changes. It also displays how the whole purchase process will be.